Download MagicTV Streaming Player Full APK Latest Version

Download MagicTV Streaming Player Full APK

*** Please try the free version first before buying the full version ***

*** For instructions on mapping the MagicTV port to Internet, please refer to ***

This is the first client that is able to watch remote streaming from MagicTV 7000/8000 series.

Most functions from official client are available:
– Probe of devices from local LAN, so no IP entering required
– Manual input of IP address and port to connect to devices that is exposed to Internet
– List of current programmes in all channels and switching channel
– Changing streaming quality
– List of recorded programmes and playing with seeking function
– Switch of subtitle and audio track
– Ability to use external player (e.g. MX Player) for streaming playing with better result (Since v2.0)

Note that you should have a relatively high-end device (at least ARMv7 with 1GHz) to get a satisfactory result.

* Full version users can now download desktop streaming control client for one MagicTV device. For more information, select “Desktop Client” from main menu *
– Introduction of new player engine (ExoPlayer) which is now used by default for Android 4.1 and above, which dramatically improves playback quality and allow Immersive Mode (Full screen with button bar hiding)
– Fixed direct input number pad sometimes doesn’t work on some channels

>>>Download MagicTV Streaming Player Full APK<<<

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>>>Download MagicTV Streaming Player Full APK<<<

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